Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Zelf Portraits at the Zoo

Since all four Zelfs arrived before my trip to the zoo,
I invited them to come along.

They were not allowed to play with any zoo animals,
or dive into the marvelous pools of water in some exhibits.
In fact, I kept them tucked away until 
suitable photographic settings were found.

Despite my attempts to keep them sheltered,
quite a few young children looked oddly at the brightly
colored Zelfs.
Well, wouldn't you?


Pega Sue-Masquerade Version



A colorful handful to take out all at once!!!

My Third and Fourth Zelfs

My third Zelf arrived last night.
Meet Elfa!

 "Can you hurry up and let me out?!!!"

After I liberated Elfa,
I got curious.  There was one more on the way.
I tracked her package,
and realized that Buttershy had been in my
apartment manager's office since Monday!
Technically, if I had picked up my mail on Monday,
I would have received Buttershy Monday afternoon;
before Garny on Monday night.
That would have made her Zelf Two instead of Zelf Four.

The mind is a funny thing when it expects something to be a certain way,
and it turns out to NOT be that way!

In any case, I now have all four Zelfs at home with me;
in less than a week after first learning about them!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Second Zelf

My second Zelf arrived last night.
This is Garny.

Zelf One and Zelf Two
Pega Sue and Garny

Saturday, April 5, 2014

My First Zelf

I discovered Zelfs on Thursday night
in a photo posted by another doll collector.

I fell in love and wanted one just like hers!
I found my own Garny on Amazon.
My Garny will arrive on Monday.

Then I decided that Buttershy was 
a perfect happy companion for Garny.
Buttershy should arrive in a week or two.

Then I realized that my local ToysRUs should actually carry the line.
I couldn't wait until after school!!!
I started my Spring Break with a trip to ToysRUs,
and my first Zelf.

My local ToysRUs only had the most current line,
which included only a few medium sized Zelfs.

I purchased Pega Sue from the Masquerade series.
I prefer her from series 1; without the mask, 
but she has been a fun addition to my toy collection.

Really...considering that I just learned about them a few days ago,
three is more than enough.
In fact....two should have been enough.

Then, I found Elfa.
Elfa has little freckles,
and is probably the only one I have adopted 
who does not come with attached wings.
She also is the only one in green, and not in a pink or purple tone.
Elfa will arrive on Tuesday.

I will have at least three of them in the next few days
to enjoy my Spring Break with me!

Meet the Zelfs

I just met The Zelfs!
Zelfs are a small, colorful doll created by 
Moose Enterprise in Australia

This group of Zelfs are the medium sized Zelfs
from series 1, released in 2013.

Series 2; released Spring 2014.

In the United States, Zelfs can be found at ToysRUs
or purchased through

(The photos below were taken by other people.
They were found on Google>Images.)

Zelfs come in 3 sizes.
The smallest size is not poseable.
They have an opening in the bottom and can be used
as pencil toppers.

The smallest Zelfs come in a group in a Zelf Shelf,

or individually in plastic plant pots.


As it is a week before Easter,
ToysRUs is also selling the mini-Zelfs in plastic surprise eggs.

The mini Zelfs come in the same characters as the larger ones,
but also come in 3 different finish types for those who wish 
to keep collecting!

My favorite size Zelf is the medium Zelf.
They are smaller than a traditional troll doll
at 2 1/2 inches (not including hair).

I fell in love with other people's pictures.
I did not like them as much when I saw them in the packaging.
The one I purchased quickly won me over once I opened the box.

They are made from a quality vinyl,
come in bright colors, have additional theme symbols on their bodies,
and have long, soft hair.
They have joints at the neck, shoulders and hips,
making them reasonably pose-able for their small size.
The current medium dolls are $7 in the US.

The large size is similar to the medium size.

Each Zelf comes with a comb, a charm a child could wear
or put on their Zelf, and a collector's leaflet for the series.

I am finding Zelfs to be appealing collectibles.
They are like a modern troll doll....

with colors and illustrations like My Little Pony...

and a face like the gelflings in the movie
The Dark Crystal.

Some people have also mentioned that Zelfs
have some similarity to the Monster High dolls.

For people who like to collect toy series,
Zelfs are a cute and colorful option.
Kind of like potato chips....