Saturday, April 5, 2014

My First Zelf

I discovered Zelfs on Thursday night
in a photo posted by another doll collector.

I fell in love and wanted one just like hers!
I found my own Garny on Amazon.
My Garny will arrive on Monday.

Then I decided that Buttershy was 
a perfect happy companion for Garny.
Buttershy should arrive in a week or two.

Then I realized that my local ToysRUs should actually carry the line.
I couldn't wait until after school!!!
I started my Spring Break with a trip to ToysRUs,
and my first Zelf.

My local ToysRUs only had the most current line,
which included only a few medium sized Zelfs.

I purchased Pega Sue from the Masquerade series.
I prefer her from series 1; without the mask, 
but she has been a fun addition to my toy collection.

Really...considering that I just learned about them a few days ago,
three is more than enough.
In fact....two should have been enough.

Then, I found Elfa.
Elfa has little freckles,
and is probably the only one I have adopted 
who does not come with attached wings.
She also is the only one in green, and not in a pink or purple tone.
Elfa will arrive on Tuesday.

I will have at least three of them in the next few days
to enjoy my Spring Break with me!

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