Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Third and Fourth Zelfs

My third Zelf arrived last night.
Meet Elfa!

 "Can you hurry up and let me out?!!!"

After I liberated Elfa,
I got curious.  There was one more on the way.
I tracked her package,
and realized that Buttershy had been in my
apartment manager's office since Monday!
Technically, if I had picked up my mail on Monday,
I would have received Buttershy Monday afternoon;
before Garny on Monday night.
That would have made her Zelf Two instead of Zelf Four.

The mind is a funny thing when it expects something to be a certain way,
and it turns out to NOT be that way!

In any case, I now have all four Zelfs at home with me;
in less than a week after first learning about them!

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